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Diagram of a tooth replaced with a dental implant from Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, MADental implants are a permanent solution to your missing teeth and will provide an immediate boost to your quality of life. At Sparkle Dental our dental team wants to ensure that you have all of the information you need in order to make the dental implantation process as simple and transparent as possible. Set up a consultation with our team of dental professionals, who can be reached on our phone line at (617) 430-6404 and ask any questions that you may have about our dental implant process.

Single Tooth Dental Implants

A single missing tooth can be replaced here at Sparkle Dental with a single tooth implant. Replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant offers one of the best cosmetic and functional options, as well as benefiting the health of your jawbone.

What Is A Single Tooth Implant?

A dental implant is a screw-like post that replaces your missing tooth. Once osseointegration has taken place, the fusing of the jawbone with the new dental implant, an artificial tooth (a dental crown) will be attached to the implant to complete the procedure. The dental implant and crown are joined together with an abutment, which simply connects the two.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have many benefits over other tooth replacement options. Some of the most important include:


Not only do dental implants look like a natural tooth, but they also function and feel like a natural tooth. Due to osseointegration, they are very stable and strong with the capability of withstanding the same chewing and biting forces exerted on them like your own teeth.

Prevent Bone Loss

One of the problems of losing teeth is the loss of bone that occurs around the tooth socket—as much as 25% in only one year. Bone is living tissue and needs stimulation to regenerate. The biting and chewing forces exerted on a tooth provide that stimulation to the jawbone. Thus, if the tooth is missing, there is no stimulation and degeneration of the bone occurs. Dental implants provide that stimulation in the same way as a natural tooth root.

Supports Facial Structure

Following on from the point above, bone loss in the jaw creates a sunken appearance around the mouth as the facial tissues lose support. This leads to the sunken, aging appearance associated with tooth loss.

Can Anyone Have a Dental Implant?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. Some of the reasons that may prevent you from being considered include:

Patients Under the Age of 18

Patients under the age of 18 are not usually considered for dental implants because their bones have not yet finished developing. Fortunately, there is no upper age limit, and as long as someone is healthy and meets the other criteria for dental implants, an implant can be placed at any age.

Health Concerns

Some chronic diseases, such as hemophilia and diabetes, may pose a problem for dental implant procedures. However, if your disorder is managed well and you are prepared to take extra care to ensure your dental implants stay healthy, you may still have implant treatment.


Smoking is detrimental to receiving dental implants because it has a big effect on the body’s ability to heal. It diminishes blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients needed to ward off infection. This is particularly crucial when an implant has just been placed and it needs to integrate with the jawbone. Anything interfering with this process can have disastrous consequences and lead to the failure of the dental implant.

Multiple Tooth Dental Implants

With multiple tooth implants, several dental implants are placed in your jawbone to replace the number of missing teeth that you have.

Multiple tooth implants will help ensure that your jawbone remains strong and in good condition. When you lose teeth, and there are no longer healthy roots holding these teeth securely into the jawbone, the area tends to be absorbed, leaving you with a degraded jawbone. A dental implant is securely rooted into your jawbone with stable and durable abutments and as a result, your jawbone will be more likely to remain healthy and strong.

This capacity for jawbone deterioration is one of the major reasons that a multiple tooth implant is such a desirable procedure, as it will help maintain a healthy and natural-looking gum line that is often impossible to preserve with dental bridges alone. The result of a multiple tooth implant is a natural-looking, long-lasting recreation of your natural teeth that is simple to care for with standard dental hygiene methods.

Multiple Tooth Implant Procedure

The first part of a multiple tooth implant procedure is placing the abutments which form the foundations of your implanted teeth into your jawbone and providing the area with adequate healing time. Speak with our team of dental implant specialists to gain a clear understanding of the time-frame, as it can vary depending on the individual and their specific needs. During this healing process, a temporary replacement set of teeth will be provided as your permanent set is being created.

You will then be required to come in again for placement of your dental implants, and within a brief time, you will be able to enjoy your newly restored set of teeth. It is important to note that there are a few potential implantation methods that can be used, so be sure to ask our team about which process will be of the greatest benefit to you.

Which Dental Implant Choice is Right for You?

Be sure to speak with one of our dentists here at Sparkle Dental to consider the possible treatment options and learn if a single tooth dental implant or multiple tooth dental implant is right for you. We will help you find the applicable solution for your unique goals. Call us at (617) 430-6404 to schedule an appointment.

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