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Woman holding jaw due to TMJ pain diagnosed by Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, MAWe at Sparkle Dental are ready to solve all your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. TMD refers to health issues that affect your TMJ, which is the hinge located between your temporal bones and jaw. Several factors are associated with the occurrence of TMDs. These factors include bruxism and direct jaw injuries. Muscle spasms causing TMD can also be activated by the combination of tension and stress. When you have poor teeth alignment or arthritis, your risk of developing TMDs increases.

Consult our team of experts for a TMD checkup if you experience symptoms such as the ear feeling tender when you speak, open your mouth, or chew. The sticking of the jaw as you close or open your mouth is also a sign of TMD. You may also be having TMD if you experience intense headaches starting in front of the ear or cracking sounds.

TMD Diagnosis

Your first visits to our office for a TMD checkup will introduce you to our team of experts who will conduct a thorough diagnosis that will begin with a review of your medical history to establish any associated factors. Some examinations will be conducted by our professionals for further analysis. They include an examination of your jaw’s movement and any habitual tendencies like grinding your teeth. Our experts also check for any sign of tenderness in the TMJ area.

Using various tools like the stethoscope, our team of experts will determine the extent of your TMD problem by listening to the sounds that you make, which helps with determining the nature of the problem. Using a panoramic x-ray, our team of experts will assess the seriousness of the disorder. Regular x-ray can also be used to rule out some conditions. You may have to undergo further examinations, in which case our team of professionals will recommend a CT scan or MRI to ensure a detailed view of your oral problems.

How to Treat It

Our experts will be recommending methods of preventing pressure, including methods like occlusal orthotic use for correcting grinding and clenching of your teeth. This is achieved by slightly parting your teeth to allow the relaxation of your jaw muscles. Relaxation therapy is also a component of TMJ/TMD treatment used to relieve stress. Our professionals will conduct the maintenance procedure in a way that considers all factors. The preferred methods of maintenance are the conservative approaches due to the association of most TMDs with sore muscles. Therefore, going on a soft diet is one of the recommended adjustments after going through periodontal disease treatment or surgery.

Our team of professionals may also use approaches like massage, heat treatment, and ultrasound. You may also have to use pain relievers during this period to treat the pain associated with TMD. Prescription drugs are a useful item in periodontal maintenance as they ensure that your muscles are relaxed while preventing inflammation.

Call the experienced professionals here at Sparkle Dental for any questions about periodontal maintenance, at (617) 430-6404 today! We will be happy to book an appointment so our professionals can help with any dental condition you might have.

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