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A man looking at his smile after laser dentistry services from Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, MAHere at Sparkle Dental, we provide laser dentistry treatment. It involves using lasers for treating various dental conditions. Laser dentistry is a more comfortable option for treating dental procedures that involve soft or hard tissues compared to non-laser tools like drills. Laser technology is used to create light energy in a narrow and focused beam. Upon hitting the tissues, the laser light causes a reaction that allows the removal or shaping of the tissue.

Advantages of Laser Treatment

Various dental conditions can be treated using the laser method. If you experience hypersensitivity, this method of treatment is highly recommended. It can treat tooth decay, gum diseases, and is also used for teeth whitening. This FDA-approved treatment option makes dental procedures cost-effective, efficient, and comfortable.

Laser dentistry has several benefits, including a reduced need for sutures, minimized bleeding when treating soft issues and eliminating procedures like anesthesia. Laser dentistry will also reduce instances of bacterial infections due to sterilization of the area. With laser treatment, you will take a shorter time to heal, and tissue regeneration is also possible. With laser dentistry, damage to the surrounding tissues is minimized.

Performing Laser Treatments

When you visit our office, our team of professionals will assess the laser treatment procedure appropriate for you. The two options are soft tissue and hard tissues procedures. The hard tissue procedure is performed on features like teeth while the soft tissue procedure is performed on places like gums. Hard tissue procedures include cavity detection where our experts use lasers to detect cavities through establishing evidence of tooth decay. Our experts also use hard tissue laser procedures for tooth preparation, as well as dental fillings and treatment of tooth sensitivities.

You can also visit us for soft tissue procedures like treatment of a gummy smile where the length of the gums covers too much of the tooth. Other soft-tissue procedures performed by our experts include crown lengthening and treatment of tongue frenulum attachment with a laser frenectomy. Our professionals also use lasers to remove soft tissue folds that may form as a result of ill-fitting dentures.

Our team performs a variety of procedures that vary in terms of the laser equipment used. This cost-effective method can save you money compared to other non-laser treatment options since you will undergo fewer sessions. Depending on the treatment, soft or hard tissue lasers will be used, but a combination of both procedures may be required in other cases. With hard tissue lasers, our professionals can cut through the tooth structure. The wavelengths of the laser beams are absorbed by the combination of a specific mineral in the teeth and water. Absorption of soft tissue lasers occurs via hemoglobin and water, and the lasers are used for treating periodontitis, activating the growth of tissue and killing bacteria. You are shielded from pain with laser treatment as it seals blood vessels and nerve endings.

For any questions about laser dentistry, call the experienced professionals here at Sparkle Dental at (617) 430-6404 today! Our team looks forward to hearing from you.

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Laser dentistry is a more comfortable option for treating dental procedures that involve soft/hard tissues compared to non-laser tools like drills. Call today!
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