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Dentist reviewing a digital xray at Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, MADigital radiography is an advanced version of traditional dental x-rays that expedites scanning and examinations by incorporating sensors that transmit information to a computer. The x-ray sensors are inserted into a patient's mouth and the images they capture are processed through a computer, where our dentist can use a wide range of computing functionalities to examine the images. The images are stored directly in digital form on a computer, making it easier to access and share them with members of our staff here at Sparkle Dental.

With negligible levels of radiation, digital x-ray sensors can capture high-resolution, crisp, clear images of both the interior and exterior structures of your dentition. Digital radiography can help us spot both telling and hidden signs of problems like abscesses, cysts, bone loss, decay, developmental abnormalities, and even gum problems. Early detection of these dental problems can help you save time, money, inconveniences, and discomfort. We can even use these digital images to ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned to leave you with a sparkling, authentic smile.

When Do We Need Digital X-Rays?

With their highly detailed image impression, digital x-rays allow us to examine the state of your oral health comprehensively. One digital x-ray scan can help us gather enough information to put together a wide range of preventive and restorative measures. It can help us identify and examine oral problems, no matter the stage they are in, whether they are full-blown cases like advanced gingivitis or their early symptoms of oral cancer.

Key Advantages of Digital Radiography

Compared to traditional x-ray, digital x-ray produces more detailed, in-depth imagery with up to 90% less radiation exposure. As such, we feel more comfortable recommending multiple digital x-ray scans compared to traditional x-rays to monitor changes in a patient's oral health. It also allows us to instantly analyze the images on a computer, where we can magnify them by multiple folds and adjust various attributes like color, contrast, brightness, and hue.

Viewing the image instantly on a computer also eliminates the hassle of film processing in traditional x-rays. Faster imaging time also translates to quicker dental appointments, and allows the patient to view the images as well. With digital radiography, you will even get to view a live projection of your dentition during the examination.

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Utilizing the modern dental technology that is available to us allows us to provide the best treatment for our patients at Sparkle Dental. If you would like to contact us to schedule an appointment with us regarding one of our dental services, or you have questions for us, you can call our office at (617) 430-6404. We are here to restore smiles and correct dental issues that have an impact on your quality of life. If you're still wondering if digital x-ray is the right diagnostic tool for your dental problems, please don't hesitate to give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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