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Rendering of teeth with 3 filling materials available at Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, MAYou can come in at Sparkle Dental to get your filling done for cavities or a broken tooth. Fillings are a simple treatment that we offer patients who have dental cavities. It is a pretty straightforward procedure that should take about an hour to be done. It is an excellent way to take care of a hole before it gets worse and required a tooth extraction and dental implant, and helps to prevent further infection and decay of teeth. We do quality work for our patients thanks to our available dentists who will give you the correct diagnosis of the issue.

There are various types of fillings that you can choose from, depending on your budget. You can get amalgam, metallic, glass ionomer, and composite fillings, which are also known as resins. We mostly recommend an amalgam filling for patients who need to fill their molars or premolars. It is durable, and it effectively protects the teeth from infections and decay.

What Is The Process?

If you have a cavity, the first thing that our dentist will do is to clean up the teeth. Cavities are caused by an infection on the teeth, which causes decay. The decaying tissues have to be removed before the tooth is filled in; otherwise, the decline will continue under the tooth, thus requiring a root canal or extraction. We may ask you to get an x-ray if the decay is quite bad since we need to know the extent of damage before starting the treatment.

Our dentist will take you through the options that you have for fillings, and you can choose the best one based on your budget and the longevity of the material. We also offer gold and silver fillings, but you may need to check with us to make sure we have it ready for you. The procedure is usually painless, but you can request anesthesia to reduce the feeling of discomfort in the area. Fillings are not only used to treat cavities but also if you break your tooth or for teeth damaged due to grinding.

Living with Fillings

When your filling is done it functions just like the rest of your teeth so you should brush and floss regularly. They should not feel uncomfortable, which is why our dentists always do a bite test before completing the procedure. This is to check that it doesn't affect your bite, which may lead to long term discomfort in your mouth. If you experience pain or notice a change in your bite, you may need to come in for a correction.

The filling can last for years, depending on what you choose, but you should remember that they may wear out over time. Our dentist will tell you if you need replacement during your regular visits so you should make sure you come in for those. Do not ignore any cracks or extensive wearing out since this could lead to a bigger problem. Visit our clinic as soon as possible to set up an appointment and get a replacement done quickly.

If you have any questions about getting fillings reach us Sparkle Dental at (617) 430-6404 today.

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Fillings are a simple treatment that we offer patients who have dental cavities. It is a pretty straightforward procedure that should take about an hour to be done.
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