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a child during a dental exam from Sparkle Dental BostonWhen you visit Sparkle Dental, our specialists conduct a comprehensive dental exam. Oral problems can be both symptoms and causes of other health issues. A person with diabetes or immune-compromising health issues may come with oral sores or loose teeth. Studies have also suggested that a person with periodontitis may be at risk of a heart attack or dementia. We, therefore, conduct dental exams to detect issues with your teeth and gum and rule out possible connections to other health issues.

Why You Should Take A Dental Exam

We recommend regular dental checkups because we ascribe to the general approach that prevention is always better than cure. If your oral health problems are detected on time, you stand better chances of treating and getting rid of them. Waiting until the situation is aggravated makes treatment and healing more complicated. Besides, a dental exam conducted on time may detect risks for dental problems before they develop. If you have no dental problems, a clean bill of health reassures you and keeps your smile appealing.

As in many cases, dental exams may be done because you come to us with manifesting oral problems. These include bleeding when you brush, sensitive teeth when you have cold or hot drinks, and a painful tooth among others. When you visit us with an existing dental problem, we examine and take care of it and proceed to rule out other latent dental issues.

How We Conduct A Dental Exam

The first thing we do when you visit our clinic is to construct your medical history. This helps us understand if you have previously been treated for oral problems and if you are seeking our professional attention for the same. If you are a regular patient, we will update your medical history by asking if you have experienced new issues since the last visit.

Once your medical history is completed, we proceed to conduct a comprehensive exam to establish the state of your teeth and gum. Using a dental explorer, we examine your teeth for cavities, fractures or plaque by checking each of your teeth in turn. We also pay attention to your bite to notice any over, under or crossbites, which may need the attention, of our orthodontist. If we detect signs of oral problems that may not be noticed by the naked eye, we always recommend an x-ray. Dental x-rays are suitable for detecting cavities, advanced gum disease, and bone loss. Identifying the presence of a specific dental issue means that we perform a specific exam to establish the nature and extent of the problem in view of a specialized treatment plan.

Before concluding the dental exam, we do custom oral cleaning to eliminate plaque and calculus from your teeth. If you have dental issues and your teeth have accumulated tartar over time, cleaning is the first procedure on your treatment plan. We will also conduct an oral cancer screening during this time to check for signs of oral cancer.

Do not hesitate to visit us if you have a manifesting dental issue or want to rule out any dormant oral diseases. If you prefer, you may also call us at Sparkle Dental at (617) 430-6404 to schedule a dental exam appointment with one of our specialists.

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At Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, our dental exams can help prevent larger dental issues from happening. Contact us today at (617) 430-6404 to schedule an exam.
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