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Woman talking to dentist during dental exam from Sparkle Dental BostonHere at Sparkle Dental, dental cleanings are an essential part of your routine dental visits. We advocate for two annual custom cleanings if your oral health is good. Our specialists may advise for more than two cleanings if you have dental issues that require regular oral checkups.

Routine brushing and flossing gets rid of most plaque and deters the formation of calculus. But even with good oral hygiene, some plaque may be stuck between your teeth and form bacteria and tartar over time. Seeking professional dental cleaning from our dentist or dental hygienist is your sure way to eliminating stubborn plaque and preventing infection-causing bacteria. Clean and bacteria-free teeth and gums come with several benefits.

Benefits of Regular Cleanings

Whereas oral hygiene is primarily geared towards healthy teeth and gums, we often remind our patients that your mouth is part of the overall body system and may be affected by health problems in other parts of the body. For example, diseases that compromise your immunity may be the primary cause of loose and shifting teeth. In the same way, poor oral health may impact overall health. Studies have linked some cases of dementia, heart disease, and complications for people with diabetes to poor oral health.

Beyond the general benefits of a dental cleaning, our oral hygienist or dentist will point out the specific advantages of having regular cleanings. We underline that professional dental cleaning eliminates the stains that discolor your teeth, giving you a more pleasant smile. We also explain that cleanings can be the occasion for detecting oral problems before they become serious. Most especially, we underscore that optimal oral hygiene keeps your teeth healthy and saves you the trouble of consistent dental procedures or tooth loss.

Types of Dental Cleanings

Depending on the situation of your teeth and gums, we may recommend one of the three common forms of dental cleanings. A person who makes regular dental checkups and cleanings only requires easy and fast cleaning. We call this cleaning prophylaxis. In general health care, prophylaxis implies the prevention of disease. In our dental cleanings, it refers to the elimination of bacteria-causing plaque and tartar in view of preventing related dental problems.

We perform scaling and planing when your teeth have layers of plaque and calculus, and you have dental pockets up to 3mm and above. This is deep cleaning that begins with removing the films of plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth (scaling) and then proceeding to file the surface between your tooth and gums so that the gums can reattach to the tooth (planing).

People who have gone a while without professional dental cleaning may have heavy layers of tartar buildup. This means that you need an extensive deep cleaning to remove the coats of tartar. If this is your case, we will recommend a full mouth debridement or the extensive deep cleaning that rids your teeth of calculus and allows us to conduct further dental exams and an oral cancer screening.

Reap the benefits of professional dental cleaning by visiting us at Sparkle Dental. You may also call (617) 430-6404 to schedule a dental cleaning procedure with our dentist or dental hygienist.

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Here at Sparkle Dental, dental cleanings are an essential part of your routine dental visits. Call or visit to schedule a dental cleaning with our dentist!
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